Facultatea de Construcții și Instalații din Iași

Undergraduate programes

Undergraduate programes

The bachelor studies represent the first cycle of university education of 4 years and end with the conferment of the engineer degree. The fields and specializations of the faculty are the following:

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The studies of the first 2 years for the first three specializations evolve based on the so-called “common core”, originating in a sole curriculum. The education in this period of time is general in fundamental subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry), as well as in specific engineering fields such as mechanics, strength of materials, statics, draft and computer-assisted graphics.

The Civil Engineering specialization prepares engineers capable to design and achieve civil constructions (individual or collective dwellings, office buildings, trade or business centers, performance halls, sports arenas etc.), industrial constructions (production plants, bins, chimney cooler, water towers, television towers etc.) and agricultural constructions (silos, deposits, agricultural-zootechnical farm etc.).

The specialization Railways, Roads and Bridges prepares engineers capable to design and achieve railroad systems for transports, roads, highways, bridges for vehicle traffic and railways.

The specialization Building Services prepares engineers capable to design, achieve and exploit the installations necessary for the good functioning of buildings: heating, ventilation/ air-conditioning, sanitary and gas, refrigerating, electrical (power and lighting) installations, and their automation.

An important component of the didactic process is the selection of basic elements, during the entire study period, which may eventually lead to certain specialization. The original data may change in time, due to the increase in the information volume or in order to improve the capacity of adaptation to the new situations emerging as a result of the scientific and technical progress. Whichever the reasons that leads to the change of the curriculums, each class follows the cycle they started until graduation.

Our current curriculums can be downloaded and consulted by accessing the links below.

Civil Engineering - romanian language download
Civil Engineering - english language download
Railways, Roads and Bridges download
Building Services download