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Department of Transportation Infrastructure and Foundations

Department of Transportation Infrastructure and Foundations

The Department offers quality education for future civil engineers in the following fields: highway and highway structures, airports, railways, tunnels, soil mechanics and foundation engineering. The academic staff is currently involved in many research activities, undergraduate and graduate teaching activities, Ph. D. supervising activities and post-doctoral tutorship. They work closely together with highly motivated students who want to become international experts in their field.Corp CCF

The department ensures specialized education on topics such as:

The research activity is conducted within the Research Centre in Geotechnics, Foundations and Modern Infrastructure in Transportation Engineering. Most of the staff in the department are considered to be world-wide experts in their field of interest, being part of national and international committees and organizations such as: EUCEET, COST/ TCT, TRB/DWAG, ISMARTI, etc. Their experience and expertise is also beneficial for other departments within the university and are often asked to deliver lectures for the Department of Civil Engineering and the Faculty of Hydrotechnical Engineering.

The research topics developed within the Transportation Infrastructure domain are: accelerated testing of roads and pavements, investigations of possible application of the SUPERPAVE system taking into account the environmental conditions from Romania, design of transportation infrastructure, freezing-thawing effects on the road infrastructure, using industrial by-products for the construction and maintenance of roads, the impact studies of roads and railways on the environment, traffic impact investigations, improvement of mechanical properties of non-conventional binders for roads, conception, improvement and implementation of new structural design methods for road pavements, non-conventional road structures, conception and development of new technologies for maintenance and rehabilitation of the public roads, railways and airports, laboratory investigations on the stress and strain state in bridges, modern solutions for structural repair and strengthening of bridges, static and dynamic behaviour of concrete, steel and steel-concrete bridges, optimization of the prestressing technique for bridges with coffered cross-section, using composite materials for constructing and rehabilitating bridges.

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For Geology, Geotechnics and Foundations domain, the research interests are: geotechnical mapping for urban developing areas, investigations on the behaviour of PSU and PUMC soils and improvement solutions, landslides, stability analysis of slopes and strengthening measures, using locally available materials for foundation construction, in situ and laboratory investigations of foundation systems, expert adviser in design and execution stages related to structural rehabilitation

Head of Departament
conf. univ. dr. ing. Ana NICUŢĂ int. 1478, e-mail:
prof. univ. dr. ing. Anghel STANCIU int. 1458, e-mail:
prof. univ. dr. ing. Vasile BOBOC int. 1468, e-mail:
prof. univ. dr. ing. Nicolae BOŢU int. 1493, e-mail:
prof. univ. dr. ing. Cristian-Claudiu COMISU int. 1469, e-mail:
prof. univ. dr. ing. Irina LUNGU int. 1470, e-mail:
conf. univ. dr. ing. Dorel PLĂTICĂ int. 1465, e-mail:
conf. univ. dr. ing. Ancuţa ROTARU int. 1412, e-mail:
şef lucr. dr. ing. Izabela-Narciza GĂLUŞCĂ int. 1429, e-mail:
şef lucr. dr. ing. Silviu-Cristian IRICIUC int. 1467, e-mail:
şef lucr. dr. ing. Iancu-Bogdan TEODORU int. 1424, e-mail:
şef lucr. dr. ing. Mădălina-Dana POHRIB int. 1465, e-mail:
şef lucr. dr. ing. Andrei BOBOC
asist. univ. dr. ing. Mircea ANICULĂESI e-mail:
asist. univ. dr. ing. Gheorghiţă BOACĂ
asist. univ. dr. ing. Oana-Elena COLŢ int. 1493, e-mail:
ing. Diana-Nicoleta DIMA int. 1477, e-mail:
Collegiate professors
prof. univ. dr. ing. Horia ZAROJANU int. 1449
prof. univ. dr. ing. Paulică RĂILEANU int. 1412
prof. univ. dr. ing. Vasile MUŞAT int. 1424, e-mail:
prof. univ. dr. ing. Gheorghe GUGIUMAN int. 1426, e-mail:
prof. univ. dr. ing. Radu ANDREI int. 1425, e-mail:
prof. univ. dr. ing. Vasile GRECU int. 1423, e-mail:
prof. univ. dr. ing. Constantin JANTEA int. 1432, e-mail: