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Department of Building Services

Department of Building Services

The Department of Building Services was founded in 1972 as part of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from The Polytechnic Institute of Iasi. In 1977 it became a section of the Civil Engineering Faculty. The department trains supervisors and building services engineers who follow the normal educational program set by the Romanian Ministry of Education. In 1980, the department starts an evening classes education program for building services engineers. Corp IIIn march 1990 was founded the Department of Building Services.

The Department of Building Services trains future experts in designing, maintenance and research of heating, cooling, ventilation, freezers and chilling equipment, gas and water equipment, heavy duty electrical power equipments, all of which are essentials for smooth functioning of buildings.

When initially founded, the department had only a handful of devoted people who continually inspired others through their dedication and commitment. Nowadays, the department has many well known experts in the field, who teach and carry on an advanced research activity. Many of the department members are certified experts, project supervisors, and have been selected to become members of national professional associations such as: AIIR, SIEAR, SFO, SFT, WSEAS, CIB etc. Their expertise is also, highly valuable as they are lecturing within educational programs offered by various departments in the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Service.

Laborator Electrice Laborator Termice

The innovations in science and technology as well as the current needs of the labour market are carefully taken into account when drafting the educational offer for the prospective students. The high quality education is based on advanced research topics made possible by the modern equipment available in the department laboratories.

Head of department
conf. univ. dr. ing. Marina VERDEȘ  int. 1252, e-mail:
prof. univ. dr. ing. Valentin PAVEL int. 1253, e-mail:
prof. univ. dr. ing. Constantin-Doru LĂZĂRESCU int. 1262, e-mail:
prof. univ. dr. ing. Mihai PROFIRE int. 1250, e-mail:
prof. univ. dr. ing. Cătălin-Daniel GĂLĂŢANU int. 1261, e-mail:
prof. univ. dr. ing. Jan IGNAT int. 1260, e-mail:
conf. univ. dr. ing. Vasilică CIOCAN int. 1249, e-mail:
conf. univ. dr. ing. Victoria COTOROBAI int. 1251, e-mail:
conf. univ. dr. ing. Cătălin-George POPOVICI int. 1263, e-mail:
şef lucr. dr. ing. Sorin THEODORU int. 1263, e-mail:
şef lucr. dr. ing. Nelu-Cristian CHERECHEŞ int. 1265, e-mail:, web
şef lucr. dr. ing. Diana ANCAŞ int. 1259, e-mail:
şef lucr. dr. ing. Andrei BURLACU int. 1258, e-mail:
şef lucr. dr. ing. Iulian GHERASIM int. 1348, e-mail:
asist. univ. dr. ing. Răzvan-Silviu LUCIU e-mail:
asist. univ. dr. ing. Marius-Costel BALAN e-mail:
Collegiate professors
prof. univ. dr. ing. Dumitru-Teodor-Dorin MATEESCU int. 1255, e-mail: